Iaido Points. Iaido Shinsa Questions. History of the AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp and Championship. Previous United States Iaido Championship Results . Upcoming and Recent Events. See the AUSKF NEWS & EVENTS page and search for "iaido" Reports and photos from previous years may also be found in the Archives The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) promotes the practice and study of the martial art of Japanese sword fencing known as Kendo and Japanese swordsmanship known as Iaido in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

The European Kendo Federation (EKF) is the overall non profit organization for the traditional Japanese martial arts of Kendo, Jodo and Iaido with more than 40 Member Federations in Europe. We organize European Championships, seminars and gradings, maintain a European Dan Register and support contacts between our members as well as maintaining ... Our Iaido/Kendo Hakama are fully hand made in Japan, fabric, cut and sewing by a small workshop in Nara, one of the last of its kind. 100% made in Japan. Designed by practionners for practionners for maximum comfort and durability.